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    4-point system

    Inspection: Inspection in reference to quality control in the Apparel industry can be defined as the visual examination or review of raw materials such as fabric,button,zipper,sewing thread,trims etc. With the standard process is called the inspection.Partially finished components of Apparels and completely finished Apparels in a relation to same standards,specification or requirements standards as well as measuring the Apparel to check if they meet the required measurements.The main purpose of inspection is to identify the faults at the earliest possible steps for production of garments and earlier the defects will be detected lasser will be the wastages of time and money.
    ⚫️In garments industry,inspection is generally conducted in three steps;a) Raw material inspection b) In process inspection c) Final inspection 
    ⚫️Raw material inspection system(ex:Fabric)a)4-point system b)10-point system c) Graniteville 78 system d) Dollars system e) Textile distribution system f) 4-point system revised
    # In this Article we will focus on 4-points System(ASTM D5423)
    In this system,the number of defects points in one hundre square yards of fabrics are determined through inspection.if the defect points in each one hundred square yards of fabrics be 40 or above then the fabric will be considered as rejected. But sometimes more than 40 is accepted,it depends on understanding of Buyer and seller.
    #Formula: points/100square yds =
    Total points* 36*100/ Roll length(yds)*Width(inch)
    #Grading system:1-20= A grade (pass)21-28= B grade (pass)29 above= C grade (Fail)
    #Length of defects = points alloted
    Upto 3inch= 1 pointOver 3inch upto 6inch= 2pointsOver 6inch upto 9inch= 3pointsOver 9inch= 4 points
    Holes and opening ( dia. Based)
    1inch or less(H&M)= 2pointsOver 1inch(H&M)= 4points
    Example: Suppose i have recieve a fabric rolled from buying house which is 120yds long and 48inch width.contents the following defects,•two defects up to 3 inch=2*1=2•Five defects over 3 less than 6inch= 5*2=10•One defects over 3 less than 9inch= 3*1=3•one defects over 9inch= 1*4=4
    Total points = 19So, points/100yds square=

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