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    5 Shocking Facts About Textile Innovation

    Writer: Sajjadul Islam Rakib

    1. We’ve all heard that a glass of wine each day is good for your health (in body and mind!) Could this drink bring equally positive benefits to the fashion world?
      The fabric made from wine is an interesting marriage of science and design.
    2. Spandex is one of the most famous synthetic fabric in the world.
      Man-madefibers are gaining popularity compared to the natural fibres in recent times. One of them is the spandex fiber which has captured the garment industry. Spandex is a lightweight, soft smooth synthetic fiber which has a uniqueelasticity.
      Spandex is one of the most famous synthetic fabrics in the world and it’s used in everything from clothing, footwear and other items to sportswear like swimsuits and leotards

    China is still the largest maker and exporter of silk in the world and has been for 100’s of years.

    1. Bamboo textile is one such fabric made of eco-friendly natural ingredients. As the name implies, these fabrics are mainly made of bamboo, which is generally a natural material. In a word, we can say that bamboo fabrics are a kind of eco-friendly fabrics that are mainly made of bamboo.
    2. Unbelievable but it is true. Nowadays regenerated fiber is made from milk to make very comfortable wearables. This fabric made from pasteurized milk contains about 16 types of amino acids which are very beneficial for human health.
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