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    BLUCHEEZ- A Trendsetting Bangladeshi Clothing Brand!

    Welcome to the world of Blucheez – where fashion meets you.

    Blucheez – no, it’s not a kind of cheese but just like various cheese flavors, clothes at Blucheez offer a diverse range of styles and textures to suit every taste.

    Blucheez invites you to a world where threads weave tales and stitches tell stories – a place where the language of fashion speaks directly to your soul.

    In the year  of 2021 on December 28th , Blucheez embarked on its venture as an exclusively online fashion establishment, led by its visionary founder Dr Md Kamruzzaman  and co-founder Simeen Zaman. This brand first started it’s journey with jeans or denim products. And The birthplace of denim is considered a place called Serge de Nîmes in France where Blue Cheeses were also sold. From this story, This brand gracefully acquired its distinctive name BLUCHEEZ.

    In a short duration, Blucheez rapidly earned widespread recognition by successfully embodying it’s motto which says-

    Comfortably you!”

    In the vibrant landscape of Bangladeshi fashion, Blucheez stands out as a trendsetting clothing brand that seamlessly combines traditional elegance with contemporary flair. A perfect mix of simple yet chic and elegant with no compromise of comfortability is the main motto of Blucheez. They have a collection of garments designed not just to captivate the eye but to give a sense of personal delight and confidence. It’s a place where comfort embraces you.

    Shakib Al Hasan, the shining star of Bangladeshi cricket, has become the face of Blucheez Outfitters as their proud Brand Ambassador on September 15, 2022.

    *What makes Blucheez desirable?

    Blucheez offers unique and exquisite products ranging from lower to higher prices . They emphasize both Ethnic and Western styles with equal dedication.

    Their own  designers are working tirelessly to ensure world-class fashion trends. They always make sure that the clients get a variety of products in great quality.

    You can explore variety of clothing options for both men & women, which is perfect for various seasons and occasions.

    *The journey of their  garments (from inception to the warm embrace of the customer) 

    In the creative realm, The design team crafts a sketch  based on trend analysis and market research, Once it  secures  approval,  Sketch is transformed  into a sample. After the sample gains its nod of approval, the tech pack gracefully travels to the merchandiser.

    Upon mass production, the product finds its home in their  warehouse, ready to be embraced. The  dedicated Marketing team then lends its magic, promotes and showcases the creation with pride in their  website [ ] . The CRM team (Customer Relationship Management)  manages online sales, where The Sales Team takes care of in-store purchases.

    Here various teams weave their unique contributions for a garment.

     *Blucheez’s Outlet- which defines sophistication and vibrancy

    As you step into the establishment, you are greeted by a meticulously organized setting, where cleanliness and tidiness reign supreme. The ambiance is alive with a vibrant energy with the colors , textures and the lightings.

    The outlet resonates with a pulse of contemporary beats, thanks to the high-quality sound system that sets the perfect backdrop for customer’s shopping experience.

    A delightful surprise awaits at the corner of the store – a cozy coffee nook, where you can take a moment to rejuvenate. Sip on a freshly brewed cup of coffee as you contemplate your fashion choices, surrounded by the inviting aroma of the Coffee beans.

    This outlet is not just a shopping destination; it’s a photogenic haven. Everywhere you turn, there are aesthetically pleasing displays and carefully chosen decor that beckon you to capture the moment.

    Their greenery complements the clothing displays, and creates a harmonious blend of fashion and nature.

    The sales team adds the final touch to this exceptional experience with their cordial, knowledgeable, and attentive behavior. The sales team is there to assist you with genuine enthusiasm. Their passion for the products and dedication to customer satisfaction elevate your shopping journey, making it not just transactional but an engaging and enjoyable interaction.

    It’s not just a store,  it’s a celebration of fashion, aesthetics and customer-centric hospitality.

     *Prepare yourself to witness a delightful surprise from Blucheez (Belwari)

    Blucheez wants to expand their ethnic collection with traditional products linked to our heritage. 

    “BELWARI”-  a new brand that they are launching on 28th December, 2023.  Keep an eye to unveil their distinctive  collections coming your way very soon.

    It’s a surprise. Stay tuned!

    What is this brand aiming for?

    Their team intend to establish Blucheez as a global fashion brand in the near future. 

    This premium brand follows an international standard which inspires and stays true to itself.

    Blucheez’s online store will continue to serve customers around the country. And their store will allow the brand to expand its reach and deepen its relationship with the local community.

    Blucheez offers an online community group on facebook to allow the customers to share their views on blucheez and their products. 


    Their Facebook page link-

    Writer information:

    Sadia Alam Mohiny
    Student of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)
    Customer Relationship Management Executive at BLUCHEEZ




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