Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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    Textile Photo Contest 2.0

    Dear audience

    I hope everyone is well. You know TES always loves to think of something different. In the process, TES has appeared again with a different event. This time the event is “Textile Photo Contest 2.0” which will be under the banner of TES. This time there is some difference. This time the photo contest will be completely textile based. Such as a picture of a machine, any hand-painted or design, campus photo, self-made clothing / design etc

    Eligibility: 1.Must be of textile background Rules & regulations:

    2.Maximum 1 picture acceptable

    3.Image resolution should be well

    4. Both mobile & DSLR photo granted

    5. Personal photo strictly prohibited 6.Image must be captioned #Text PHOTO CONTEST 2.0

    7.If you are student then mention your organisation and if you are an employee then mention your company name in the caption.

    Judge System: 1. Number 30 will be based on Facebook likes

    2. Number 30 will be based on the resolution of the picture

    3. The judging panel will give the remaining 40 number

    Attraction :

    1. Gift from TES

    2. Comments with pictures of the winners in the magazine.

    3. Opportunity to come live hosted by TES N.B. —> TES carry the power to take any dicision during running this event.



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