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    BELWARI-a Jewel in the crown of Blucheez

    BELWARI– where tradition meets contemporary elegance in the vibrant tapestry of Bangladeshi fashion.

    This exquisite sub-brand of Blucheez breathes new life into the age-old craft of Jamdani sarees, Combining detailed handwoven art with modern elegance.

    Belwari is not just a saree brand; it is a celebration of heritage, a beacon of style, and a testament to the timeless allure of Jamdani. Each piece, meticulously crafted, tells a story of skilled craftsmanship and unbridled passion, offering women a chance to drape themselves in history .

    Welcome to Belwari, where every thread weaves a saga of beauty and grace.

    Well, We all know about Blucheez, the remarkable clothing brand founded by Dr. Mohammad Kamruzzaman and co-founder Simeeen Zaman, embarked on its stylish journey with jeans and denim products on December 28th, 2021.

    Founders Md. Kamruzzaman and Simeeen Zaman  never miss a chance to astonish us with their innovative collections, stunning designs, and visionary strategies.
    Belwari is a shining example of their latest creation.

    An exclusive type of Jamdani was manufactured for Mughal wives where motif/ design was created with Zari (Thread of gold and silver). This was called: Belowari Jamdani (Bengali: বেলওয়ারি জামদানি)
    That’s how they got the name Belwari.

    *How Belwari produces their sarees-

    They have skilled artisans to make this.  To create a Jamdani saree, It needs  skilled artisans and a loom. Once the artisans and loom are ready, the initial step is to gather the weaving threads and the warp and weft threads required for making the saree.
    These threads can be obtained from local Jamdani thread shops, and you can even place an order for custom colors. After acquiring the threads, they need to be treated and sun-dried. The artisan will then set the warp threads on the loom. Once the loom is fully prepared, the artisan will begin weaving, following either their own design or the customer’s specifications. Creating a Jamdani saree requires the collaboration of an artisan and a helper. Depending on the complexity of the design, it may take anywhere from five days to five months to complete a single saree.

    The production of Jamdani sarees began in Shitalakshyar Par, Rupganj Thana, and Odhikar, Nowapara village. Following the ancestors’ footsteps, this area has seen the highest production of Jamdani sarees, with many workshops also found in neighboring villages. Most Jamdani sarees are produced in Rupganj Thana and Sonargaon Thana. Those who traditionally worked in this field have passed down their skills through generations, and  “BELWARI” continue this work today. The highest quality and most expensive sarees are produced in the weaving hub of Bishik Jamdani Shilpo Nagari.

    At Belwari, every weave is a labor of love. With Belwari, you don’t just wear a fabric, You embrace a heritage woven with passion and dedication of local craftsmen with every intricate weave.

    The incredible brand Blucheez never ceases to amaze. They have recently launched another showroom in Chittagong on 15th March,2024 continuing their fantastic journey. With ambitious plans to expand further, Blucheez is truly on the path to greatness.
    This eagerly anticipated expansion has not only brought Blucheez to Chattogram but also unveiled its elegant sub-brand, Belwari, in the charming locale of Nasirabad.

    Within just two years, Blucheez has successfully launched a sub-brand, Belwari. Imagine the incredible innovations and offerings this brand will bring us in the coming days.
    Stay tuned to ‘Belwari by Blucheez’ and await the delightful surprises they have in store for us.

    Website link of Belwari–  https://blucheez.fashion/collections/belwari
    Website link of Blucheez-  https://blucheez.fashion/


    Sadia Alam Mohiny

    Student of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)



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