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    Stand Out in Textiles with Personal Branding 

    Personal branding, also known as self-branding, is the practice of creating a positive public image by showcasing your best traits. This strategy is especially common among celebrities and businesspeople. For example, Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity, has a strong personal brand that attracts more followers than his companies. This demonstrates the power of personal branding.

    Personal branding is crucial for professionals in any industry who want to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The main goal is to leave a strong and memorable impression on your online audience. By doing so, you can establish yourself as a thought leader, expert, or influencer in your field. In a time when attention spans are very short, making a strong impression is more important than ever. The best way to do this is by creating a memorable brand identity.

    Many business owners don’t realize how important personal branding is because they think it takes too much work. But the truth is, to build a successful business, you need a successful brand. When people know and trust you and your business, they are more likely to buy your products and services.

    Appearance: The appearance of a person greatly influences his or her career by shaping the first impressions he or she makes on colleagues, employers, and clients. Research shows that it takes 33-100 milliseconds to judge a person’s character.

    As this happens so fast, people mostly rely on what they see. About 55% of first impressions are based on appearance and body language. People use these visual cues to understand what kind of person they’re dealing with.

    If a person is well-groomed and well-dressed, others are more likely to see them as trustworthy, credible, and professional. Wearing name-brand clothing can also make them appear more authoritative.

    First impressions are hard to change once they are made, so making a good one is very important. This is why it’s crucial to present oneself well in meetings, interviews, and hiring conversations.

    Behaviour: Building a strong personal brand depends a lot on reputation and trust. How we act shows our values and character. Acting respectfully and ethically helps create a good reputation and trust, which are key parts of personal branding.People are more likely to connect with those they see as reliable and trustworthy.

    Effective personal branding is more than just promoting yourself; it’s about building strong relationships and growing your network. Good manners are key to making these connections. By listening well, showing gratitude, and having thoughtful conversations, people create a positive experience for others. These good interactions make us more memorable and open up more opportunities for collaboration and growth.

    Communication: Communication skills are important because personal branding is about how we present ourselves to others. We need to communicate effectively so our message is not taken negatively. Start with verbal communication, which includes clear voice, volume, and intonation.

    Non-verbal communication is also important for personal branding. This includes posture, hand gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions. Don’t forget to smile! Smiling creates a pleasant voice that is nicer to hear, improving your personal brand.

    Digital Footprint: In the digital age, personal branding is essential.Personal branding is how people present themselves online, showing their values, skills, and experiences. It helps them stand out among many digital profiles.

    Personal branding is like digital handshake. It’s the first impression a person make when someone sees their LinkedIn profile, tweets or Facebook posts. It influences whether someone wants to connect, hire or do business with them.

    Personal branding is very important today. With social media and the internet, everyone is somewhat a public figure. Our online presence, or digital footprint, is visible to anyone, anywhere. This digital footprint creates our personal brand.

    Writer Information:

    Md. Rafi Sarower

    Student, Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)

    Campus Coordinator, Textile Engineers Society (TES)



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