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    Iconic Fashion Symbol Belt

    A belt is a flexible band or strap, usually made of leather, plastic or heavy fabric, worn around or around the natural waist (down to the hips). … belts come in many lengths due to the variety of waist sizes and most belts can be adjusted to the bark according to the waist.


    Belts have been recorded as men’s clothing since the Bronze Age. Both genders have used these depending on fashion trends. In the Western world, belts are more commonly used by men, in the early Middle Ages, Mantua in the late 17th century, and Art Nouveau belt buckles, except for skirt / blouse combinations between 1901 and 1910, are now collector’s items.

    Until the last half of the nineteenth century and before the First World War, this belt was fitted and a useful part of military uniforms, especially among officers.

    Men in the modern era started wearing belts in the 1920s, due to the waistline of the trousers falling off the bottom line. Prior to 1920, belts were mostly used for decorative purposes and were associated with the military. Moreover, there was no loop at the belt before these trousers. As sportswear, belt loop trousers have already been used since the 19th century.


    Belts are usually made of gohide leather. Whole grain leather is the highest quality gohide leather available and it is recommended for its longevity with daily use. The calf skin is soft and supple, a full grain calf leather belt is available in a high quality one.
    Belts are also found in other materials including braided leather, knotted leather, suede, leather-backed ribbon, canvas, webbing, rope, vinyl and more

    Fashion and formality

    Belts have transformed from strictly useful items into fashion accessories in today’s modern era. There are various unconventional rules for belts when it comes to belt size and color, especially for men wearing suits, vs. any woman involved in the fashion trend is not always out of choice and out of necessity.


    Belts for formal wear pants / dresses are usually 28-23mm wide (slightly less than 11-4 inches). These belts provide prominent accents such as trepunto straps, beveled edges, fine stitch gauge and a tapered tip. Leather, if it is made of leather, is usually in a semi- or high-gloss finish (e.g. spazalato leather), with a tight granule and smooth leather back. Dress belts usually have a bark on the polished metal finish.


    Casual belts usually worn with denim are usually 35mm and 42mm wide (slightly less than 11-2 inches). These are usually made with a piece of leather construction for strong construction, attached to the bark of the belt with an old finish, wide, dense stitching or bar-tacking.

    Source : Wikipedia

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