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    Innovate, Adapt, Lead: Staying Ahead in the Textile Job Market

    We human beings have a common nature to adapt to the newest version of anything rather than the oldest one. This concept is not only applicable in choosing new dresses or updated technology but also in all kinds of workplaces. In this fast-changing job market, this concept is dominating everywhere. So, this article is discussed about three of the most important factors that must be practised to stay relevant in the current job market.

    1) Adaptability: The term adaptability refers to being able to cope with new or uncertain situations. Now explaining how adaptability helps a person to be relevant in the current job market. Those who have this quality are able to embrace different perspectives, cope with uncertainty, and handle stress. Moreover, they can manage emotions and collaborate with different teams through effective communication.

    In today’s world, most job markets are being facilitated with automation and digitalization. New tools and technologies are introduced continuously. If anyone fails to adapt to these new tools and technologies, it will hamper their professional growth as well. Furthermore, they have to work across different cultures, languages, and time zones. So, adaptability is a must.

    This quality helps an individual to stand out from the crowd and showcase their abilities.

    2) Innovation: Today, in this competitive job market, it is very usual for problems to arise. But the most important thing is how effectively an individual can solve these problems in an efficient way. This competitive landscape heavily relies on innovation because an individual can’t solve many problems with old solutions. Also, business leaders nowadays seek out new opportunities that are aligned with innovation. So, what is innovation?

    Innovation is the realistic application of ideas that helps to get better output or newer solutions in different perspectives of a problem. But here’s where the term creativity comes in. Let’s discuss it.

    In the business sense, creativity refers to a set of unique ideas that foster business plans and visualise better output. But creative ideas don’t always lead to innovations because they don’t necessarily produce feasible solutions to problems. So, for an idea to be innovative, it must be useful and practical.

    3) Leadership: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take over jobs—it’s a buzzword today. But if you think carefully, you’ll realise that it’s just an illusion and nothing more. In this fast-changing job market, AI is not dealing with suppliers, customers, or industry intermediaries. AI is merely making our journey easier and helping us work more efficiently, not taking over responsibilities. It’s not managing people, not understanding customer psychology, and not leading the industry. So, if you think AI is doing everything and taking over your work responsibilities, then you are not on the right track.

    Leadership is a quality that must be developed over a long period. It includes people management, stress management, communication, rewarding, and so on. So, how could AI take your place?

    To cope with the current job market, it is necessary to develop leadership qualities because these cannot be replaced by any technology or AI.

    Writer Information:

    Md. Rafi Sarower 

    Student, Textile Fashion & Design Department,

    Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)

    Campus Coordinator, Textile Engineers Society (TES)



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