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    Modern machineries in textile

    The term ‘Textile’ is a Latin word which comes from the word ‘texere’which means ‘to weave’. Textile originally referred to a woven fabric but latter on the term textile as well as the plural textiles refers to fibers, filaments and yarns.
    Textile machineries refer to the various machineries used in different stages of manufacturing of textile products in textile industries. Textile machineries have a wide range of uses in various stages .

    The journey of textile industry can be highlighted as the man made fabrics to handlooms, power looms and modern textile machinery. Now, textile industry is one of the fastest growing industries with automation and advanced textile processing techniques.The growing textile industry has resulted in growing demands for various textile processing and working machinery. Hence, textile machinery industry has also flourished in these days. There isplenty of machines available right from spinning to embroidery machines. If you are looking for textile processing machinery, you are here to explore the variety of modern textile machinery available in the market.
    Ginning machines – There are different ginning machines available on the market like Mecharthy ginning machines, saw ginning machines, knife roller ginning machines etc.

    Spinning machines – Ring spinning machines, air jet spinning machines, wet spinning machines, friction spinning machines, Vortex spinning machines and many other spinning machines are featured with different characteristics to serve various requirements of textile industry.

    Dyeing, printing and finishing machines – These machinery include various singeing machines, various dyeing machines like jet dyeing machines, jigger dyeing machines etc., different printing machines and finishing machines like fabric mercerizing machines, spray damping, embossing, sanforizing machines.

    Knitting machines – The variety of knitting machines like rib circular knitting machines, electronic interlock circular machines, tricot warp machines and many other machines are developed today.

    Garment manufacturing machines – Even garment manufacturing machines like industrial button hole machines, flat lock sewing machine, bar track sewing machine, blind stitch sewing machines etc. are available on the market.


    Md Abu SayedMazumder
    Department of Textile Engineering
    Batch- 2k19



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