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    Textile engineer?Job scope available? -Actually scope for textile engineers will be forever unless we stop wearing clothes!

    ⛔ Buzz-words about career:

    There are maximum student are thinking that if he/she have no link I mean “Mama-Chacha” then she/he didn’t get job. Really it’s a stupidly task those who are thinking these, try to know something new and what is appropriate for your desired career just do it and captured it properly then it can be said InshaAllah you will success.Also a textile engineering student in Bangladesh would be suggested to maintain a good relationship with “seniors” while maintaining a moderate result to find the proper job scopes after finished graduation.


    There is a large job market for textile engineer in Bangladesh & global.According to WTO’s World Statistical Review 2023, Bangladesh ranks second in garment exports as a single country with apparel export of $45 billion in 2022. Bangladesh is the RMG leading country in the world so there is a reason that is there are more than 8000 (Eight thousand in locally and internationally) and there are more than 5 million people are worked.Obviously there will be a lots of career opportunities opened for Textile graduates.

    ✅ Job placement sector

    🟣 Textile engineer having scope to doing smart job in the following sector:

    🔷Textile & Garments factory :

    1. Planning


    3.Washing 4.Inventory





    9.Quality assurance


    11.Commercial & so on.

    🔷Special Job: Marketing-Machineries, Dyes/Chemicals, Accessories/Trimming and Testing-SGS, Intertek, ITS, Bureau Verities etc.

    🔶Govt. Job :

    1.Textile Inspector

    2.Textile Technologist

    3.Textile Researcher

    4.Textile Training and Education

    5.In Government Textile Mill

    6.In Textile Export Promotion Agencies

    7.Customs and Import-Export Inspection8.Environmental Compliance Officer

    9.Textile Policy and Regulation Development

    10.Government Procurement Agencies

    11.Quality Control and Assurance Departments.

    The Ministry of Textiles and Jute ( may occasionally post job openings related to the textile sector. Interested people can visit this site also the BPSC website ( is the primary authority for civil service job circulars and examinations. You can find information about various government jobs, including those related to engineering fields.


    Textiles is not only about making yarns and fabrics. Textiles has been used in various other sectors like Geo textiles, Medical Textiles, Agro Textiles, Protective Clothings, Textiles for automotive applications etc. A bullet proof jacket is a great product of technical textile. Years ago who imagined that a textile product can stop a bullet. Recently Google and Levi’s worked on a project named Project Jacquard in which they made a fabric which can be used to control the gadgets. This is enough to show that different sectors are ready to invest in Textiles.

    Lastly I would say for your proper satisfaction, you can watch this attachment:

    Writer Information:

    Nasratun Duha

    Dept. of Textile Fashion & Design

    Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)



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